Linnéa Hentschel

Månad: november, 2013

20131128-163835.jpgTrying to get some Christmas feeling with warm chocolate here in Australia!

20131127-205034.jpgToday was a good day, I finally got a job offer!! If everything works out fine I will start next week:D

Happy girl

20131122-164041.jpgThank you Nordic fusion for having my favourite tea!!

Love, The tea addict

It’s been a while since I drew, but today I finally had something in mind and this is the result. Two little birds.

Just found this group from Canada, how could I´ve missed them until now? Love this!

photo-1Spring in Australia:)

20131117-190537.jpgHaha this is standard in the car!

20131117-143951.jpgA rainy Sunday in Sydney

I found a picture from when I was modeling for Toni & Guy Australia for the 50/50 collection 2014! Me and talented Jo Smith onstage!


20131115-195125.jpgTodays dinner!